Vector Work

Occasionally I get asked to help clients complete projects they've started but for one reason or another need help completing. In some cases they've developed the concept themselves, or simply sketched it out on paper, but need expertise to bring it to life in a proper, vector form for professional delivery. These are examples of that type of work.

Canadian singer-songwriter EMM GRYNER and her equally super-talented brother Frank Gryner developed a wordmark for Emm's upcoming concept album 'ONLY OF EARTH'. All the right ideas were in place, but they needed help refining and simplifying it, making it more functional and aesthetically polished.
Evie & The Curious Bunny - Vintage-Inspired Children's Clothing
This was a partially-completed client-designed concept that I was able to help them refine further, complete & deliver in vector form.
This client came to me with nearly everything done and in place as far as concept, look, layout, typeface & details - but needed it executed as a vector with optical variations and colour exploration.

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