The team designed all front-end UI screens around the metaphor of The Bridge of The Enterprise being the iconic control centre of the ship. A floating camera repositioned to frame up on Kirk or Spock for the character select action, pushed into control panels or pushing into the front portal for selecting your level of play.
Custom buttons hint icons were designed for both the 360 and PS3. Controller mapping screens also needed to be specific to each platform.
Nearly each weapon in the game had a custom reticle. Each were designed with both the look of the weapon and the function performed in mind. The bigger challenge was getting each design to be visible and functional on all backgrounds, light or dark, with lots of action happening at any point of gameplay.
Initial information architecture, exploration and benchmarking helped define both high level goals (ie: keeping in the realm of all things iconic in the IP), and to break down and catagorize all UI requirements across the game.
We based UX patterns on featured benchmarks, while taking inventory of the spatial requirements of the game as it's design developed.
Wireframes helped to take inventory of all features and feedback, and also to iterate on approaches to displaying all the inventory.
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